Tempini International | Values
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Our business model, consolidated in years of experience, can adapt efficiently and rapidly to the needs of the market, in order to achieve new and more profitable competitive advantages. At the basis of flexibility there is our teamwork and goals. A cohesive team in which every individual is a valued identity, both personally and economically, is the main driver of our business.


Our company culture makes us unique. This is the main reason for our employees are proud to work at Tempini International. Our culture creates a special relationship. This drives our actions and our interactions with each other. It’s our way to succeed to create a successful future together. Warning and deep respect for the culture of the nations in which we operate and in which we are guests. As well as transmitting the culture of beauty and adapt our business model other reality we aim to mature on a technical level, ethical and intellectual people who work with us are passionate for what they are doing. This interaction is at the same time an unmissable opportunity of cultural enrichment.


The success of Tempini International is the result of the commitment and dedication of each of its components, because it is due to the passion that most innovative ideas are born and it is due to the flexibility and value of each of us that these can be realized. Curiosity and the desire to go higher and higher are the engine of our work. Passion is the beacon that lights our future.


We bring in our company standards of personal behavior: transparency, accountability and respect for people who work with you. There is no us and them. They are like us. The partnership and in term customer supplier perspective, it is our strong point. Much of our work is the development of human capital. Talents are a common good of the company. The trust and involvement of the people who are part of our team make it easier and streamlined business processes and increase the degree of satisfaction of employees by encouraging a better response in the field.The ability to listen to all corporate stakeholders is an essential element for us: from this we derive our competitive advantage.


Efficiency is the essential condition for achieving excellence, goal of our daily activities. Being efficient means always commit our resources, using them better and targeting them to precise targets. A high level of efficiency is a guarantee for our future. The operating style of our manufacturing process that considers all paths that allow us to achieve maximum results with minimal waste, expense, resources and time used. Management control enables us to keep the maximum levels achievable this value.